A Great Story – Team Jeff & Wade

Jeff and Wade have been in the Real Estate Industry for over 20 years. We have a wide range of knowledge in Real Estate and enjoy helping our clients’ dreams come true. Whether that is helping a buyer find their perfect new home or helping a seller sell one of their most valuable assets and move on to the next chapter of their lives.

Wade started his Real Estate career right out of college when he worked for a Real Estate Development Company in La Jolla, CA where he did Marketing for the company. Wade got his first Real Estate License in California while working for the Real Estate Development Company so he could answer questions clients had about the marketing of these properties.

Although he did not actually work as a Real Estate Agent in California for the Real Estate Development Company, he learned all about marketing properties and answering questions regarding those properties and also gained vast knowledge in Real Estate while at his first job. After years away from Real Estate he found himself missing working in the industry and got his Real Estate License in Nevada when he moved to Las Vegas. In Las Vegas he began helping Buyers and Sellers by using his knowledge about marketing homes he had learned in his first job out of College. While in Las Vegas we worked for Coldwell Banker and gained knowledge from one of the large leading companies in the Real Estate Industry.
Working for Coldwell Banker in Las Vegas he became a member of the Diamond Society of Coldwell Banker Agents, Membership is limited to the top 13% of all Coldwell Banker Agents in the Country. Las Vegas was one of the fastest growing markets in the country prior to the Great Recession and during the Great Recession it was one of the worst hit markets in the country. Wade gained experience in both the best and the worst markets while in Las Vegas. After 10 years in Las Vegas, Wade missed his home state of Colorado and transferred to Denver, got his Colorado Real Estate License and again joined Coldwell Banker. Using the expertise he had gained from his job with the Real Estate Development Company in marketing and his knowledge of working in one of the fastest growing markets to one of the worst hit markets in Las Vegas he has helped Buyers and Sellers with their housing needs here in Colorado. After 10 years here in Colorado, Wade got his Managing Broker License and along with Jeff they started Home Gnome Realty.
Wade Renquist Denver areaRealtor
Jeff started his Real Estate career very early by helping his dad build their own home back in Minnesota. He gained invaluable expertise with all phases of construction from the ground up. In Las Vegas, Jeff attended the real estate appraisal course to become a certified appraiser, but was unable to obtain an apprenticeship in that field. He then became trained as a Real Estate Mortgage Broker and worked in that field for a few years. Jeff obtained his Nevada Real Estate License. He then entered the Electrical Union and trained in the electrical field.
Upon relocation to Colorado, with his vast background in construction and electrical fields, he began his home improvement company and has successfully been completing various home improvement projects for over 10 years. He also obtained his Colorado Real Estate License. With his various experiences in the entire real estate realm, he brings unique perspective to home owners with questions regarding costs to repair items and ready properties for sale. In addition to that, he also provides unique skills for potential buyers as to costs and steps involved with making the potential purchase more suitable to the buyer.